Executive Secretary

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Employer - Al Ala Gallery Custom Interiors
Job Description

ManamaExecutive Secretary for full-time position in a well established firm, dealing with high profile clients.

Experience: Minimum 5 years in similar position.
Minimum contract period: 3 years.

Qualities: Secretary must be able to have good common sense. Work independantly. Be able to Organise schedules keeping accurate timings. Warm and friendly, yet assertive when necessary. High communication skills with Clientele. Presentable. Fluent english writing, reading, spoken. Communication and coordination within a team environment.
Proficient in Word, excel, powerpoint.
High level of organisation and time keeping.
Basic skills of accounting (Math).
Previous experience in communication with foreign companies.
Efficient under pressure.

In This position the secretary is designated for organising all running operations of the office. This includes: Scheduling meetings. Organising of payments. Emailing and structuring costings, quotations, contracts and reports. Handling team reports on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. Time keeping forecasts and updates on projects in hand. Co-ordination between clients and contractors.

Location - Manama
Date Posted - 02 May 2019
salary - Negotiable
Experience - 1-5 years
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